John Matthew Castillo
23 years old
Message me your skype name, would love to do cam shows with you, and be friends :))
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    Anonymous: "what is your skype"


    lets skype for slimfit only hehe


    bluishpink89: "First sexy blog that I followed. And i think you're nice. Tc"

    Thanks :)

    529058366: "hello"

    hi there

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    btw, got a new email.. email me anytime anywhere, for submissions or anything for friendship as well :)   see yah there

    Anonymous: "hi! tuwing kelan ka OL sa skype? :) can we be friends?"

    night time.. ok give me ur skype

    Anonymous: "Hi po. Friends po tayo? Ang hot nyo po eh. Uhhm, reply privately :)"

    cant reply privately if you’re asking as anon ;)

    its been a long time, now i finally updating my blog with my latest pic enjoy!!
    Anonymous: "hi how are you?"